Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the most frequently asked questions our customers have wanted to know.

I don’t know where my drains are!

Frequently clients need to know where there drains are located and available plans are either vague or non-existent. Using modern electronic locating equipment, Drainslayers are able to identify the whereabouts and approximate depth of a drain. The proximity of underground power cables can also be ascertained which helps both with safety and the avoidance of unnecessary costly damage.

Where is my inspection cover?

Developers and homeowners sometimes need to locate manholes and/or inspection covers that are covered in lawn, vegetation or are under a path or driveway. Electronic locating of these sites can be relatively easy.

Where exactly are these blockages happening?

The same line keeps blocking and the blocks keep happening at the same distance from entry. A CCTV camera down the line will identify the issue and options to solve the problem can be assessed.

Where does this duct go?

“Additional capacity” ducts for services are sometimes installed during a building’s construction and years later a client wants to know where they go. The CCTV camera can show the integrity of the line, distance of the line and the whereabouts of the end point. This type of camera-work can sometimes negate the need for additional costly ducts being laid and at times there can be some quite surprising discoveries!

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