FREE CCTV with every Unblock

Unblocking a drain requires CCTV to camera the line after our Hydrojet has blasted through the blockage, if CCTV is not used to check the line you may find yourself with the same problem again very soon.

In your best interest Drainslayers will CCTV the lines for FREE and provide you a NO COST quote should further remediation of the lines be required.

Drainslayers pride themselves on quality, professional work which is why we provide this service at no charge

Our team come prepared for the unexpected

In case the job is more than just a basic unblock the following equipment will be available if required:

  • Hydro jet water blaster - that will clear most drains that a “rodding” won’t clear
  • CCTV – to identify the extent of any damage to the line
  • Electronic location – to pinpoint where a drain line travels and exactly where the problem exists.
  • Root cutter – to solve the problem in the short term

Rural properties

For rural properties with limited access to power we can also bring along our own generator.

Repair work

If repairs to a sewer line or storm-water line are required we can frequently provide a quote to solve the drainage problem while onsite.

For a no obligation free quote, call or email us.
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